Life in Chicago

I have been registered with OfficeTeam for some time now and they have not sent me on many assignments. When I contact them about this matter, their response is to say that they will contact me as soon as they find something that matches my skill set. I took a MS Word test and scores 73%. Julia Devaries, a staffing manager that is no longer with the company, told me. That 73% is the branch average, it seems like a lot of staffing managers leave after a while and new ones are hired. The staffing manager their now is Emily Zorza. Emily use to work at the Rosemont office, I met and interview with her at the Rosemont office.  I saw Emily being interviewed by Stacey Boca on ABC’s early morning news and it did not look or sound like the same person. The Emily Zorza that I met in 2009 was very young with short dark brown hair and she was very short, about 4’11” or 5 feet tall. Before Julia, the staffing manager that I met with was named Freddi Press; I was told that she is no longer with the company either. I did a search on OfficeTeam, and they do not have accreditation with the BBB. In fact, no OfficeTeam office in the state has accreditation with the BBB.

I recently found out that my brother and sister in law went to an adult party at my sister in laws office a few days before christmas, she works at BenchMark Home Health services. I learned this from my nephew; he usually goes with them to parties or to have dinner at her office. This time he was not allowed to go because it was an adult party. I think this means that everyone at BenchMark Home Health Services is a swinger. This is the case with a lot of companies, which is why they do not what anyone that is not like-minded working there, because they are afraid that person might turn them in and blow the whistle. This type of deviant activity would only be legal after hours with the permission of the owner. Otherwise, all those people would be fired and arrested if the owner found out. I don’t think that a legitimate business owner would ever allow that type of perversion on their property. This is what people from Chicago are like; they are all sexual deviants, psychotic manipulators, and criminal element. According to the Chicago police, a lot of them are also truly evil and practice some type of black magic. They believe that in order for them to rule in hell, they have to control and destroy someone’s life. That’s why they are all wicked, malicious people. They will literally ruin a person’s life just to teach them lesson and laugh in their face while their doing it.


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