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Hate crime in Rogers Park, Chicago

May 7, 2011

 I just saw a story on cyber bullying on Fox news, although I am not experiencing that. I am going through something else that is similar. My reputation and life are being destroyed. I have lived in Rogers Park since 1974, every time I leave the house people in this neighborhood start spreading false rumors about me, they have told people that I was a drug dealer, pot head, gang member, and mentally ill and by now most people believe that it is true. I have been labeled as dead, I’ve heard some people on the street said, “that’s what Mexicans do to Puerto Ricans.” I’m actually Cuban, but the fact they think I’m Puerto Rican makes it a hate crime. This has been going on for a long time and my life is being destroyed and they should be incarcerated before they do this again to someone else. 

Most of these people in this area are criminal element. According to the Chicago Police, Mexican gangs smuggle around 300 illegals into the city of Chicago every week. If you do the math, that’s 15,600 illegals that are being brought into the city every year. This is a very frightening and unacceptable statistic, these people are psychotic manipulators and extremely dangerous.  It also isn’t just Mexicans, there are many like-minded deviants in Chicago and Illinois of all racial backgrounds.  In fact, I would say that most of Illinois is made up of like-minded deviants and criminal element.  This state even has a contract with an escort agency, they are called entertainers.


Mission accomplished?

May 7, 2011

Is the most wanted terrorist in the world really dead? Perhaps, not, the initial story kept changing. First it was a team of CIA operatives and later it turned into the Navy SEALS. At first, Osama Bin Laden put up a fight and later he did not. Osama was also shot twice, once in the chest and once in the head. No one that intends on taking someone alive shoots a person in the head, which is an intentional kill. This was the most wanted terrorist in the world, why did they not take him alive? They could have learned a lot more from him if he had not been killed. Also, why is his wife not in American custody? I would think that authorities would want to take to her as well.

There is also the courier, the person the lead the Americans to bin laden’s compound, why is he dead. Was he not on our side, what happened? U.S. forces went so far as to build an exact duplicate of a one million dollar compound. Therefore, they must have practiced a whole lot to accomplish that mission in only 40 minutes. What happened to all that training, they arrived and all of a sudden they killed every living thing that moved? It is very odd that everyone that was there that wasn’t pulling a trigger is now dead or in Pakistani custody.

Is Osama Bin Laden really dead, the initial story was not believable and neither was the answer to that question. The United States does not parade photos of dead terrorist and use them as trophies? Really, since when, every other dead terrorist’s photo has been paraded on the news, why not Osama? After all this person was the most wanted terrorist in the world and responsible for 911, the most horrific terrorist act in American history. It makes no sense at all to just tell the America public; mission accomplished and bury the body at sea?