Flip-flop society

It is unbelievable how ignorant todays society is, it looks like that all people are concerned with today is the lowest common denominator.  Everything seems to always boil down to the simplest thing with the American public.  It would look as if putting on a proper pair of shoes is too complicated or too time consuming for most Americans.  So, therefore, flip-flops are the way to go.  Flip-flops for your feet and flip-flops for your brain.  Not the most sensible choice, but most Americans never make the most sensible choice.


Drugs, smoking, alcoholic beverages and fatty foods appear to very popular with a lot of people.  Apparently, when some people reach a certain weight it is not a red flag that they should do something to lose the weight.  How does someone get to weigh as much as 3, 4, or more bills?  Perhaps, by constantly over-eating and repeating the process of expanding their stomachs. Plus, not getting enough exercise or any at all, that might be it.


But, in this society if one has a problem they can always buy a book or take a class, along with a bunch of other dumb fat people that cant figure out how to lose weight.  Perhaps, a better educational system and national health care would help as well.  I guess for the mean time, flip-flops will have to do.


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